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      Jiangsu Datang will start new construction in National High-Tech Zone

      Author:admin Viewed:130 Publish data:2020-12-17 13:43:48

          On the morning of July 4, the opening ceremony of the new plant of Jiangsu Datang in Zhenjiang National High-Tech Zone was held in a animated and cordial atmosphere.

          The High-Tech Zone upgraded to the National High-Tech Zone in the year 2014, which is one of the Nine National High-Tech Zones of South Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, it's also a leading zone, demonstration zone and radial zone. In recent years, the pace of high quality development gives us more confidence, and expecting for the brand new journey in this new area.  It is an opportunity as well as a challenge,  let's take roots and then waiting for blooming and fruiting soon.