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      Grow up through hardships and setbacks, and pass the "running" test with Zhenjiang City!

      Author:admin Viewed:111 Publish data:2020-08-18 13:40:15

            Recently, Secretary Liu and Professor Chai from College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Tongji University and Mrs. Xu, Mr. Zhu from Zhenjiang National High-Tech Zone visited and hosted a workshop with us.

            During the meeting, both sides discussed in-depth ways for the Water Pollution Control project which will be carried out in Zhenjiang by College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Tongji University, general manager Mr. Tang introduced Jiangsu Datang's producing strength, research& development ideas and processing results in detail. Secretary Liu fully acknowledged and said, it's difficult to maintain steady progress facing the pandemic as the biggest external challenge in competitive market, and look forward to co-operating deeply in Changjiang financial industry park with us in the following days.